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City of Bells Ordinances

These documents should not be relied upon as the definitive authority for local legislation. The official printed copy of a Code of Ordinances should be consulted prior to any action being taken.

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00-0201A Approving Revised rate schedules for TXU Electric

01-0807 TXU Gas Distribution's Rates

02-1029A TXU Gas Company

03-0806 TXU Gas Company

03-2103 Inter-Jurisdotional Mutual Aid Agreement

03-2712 Interlocal Approval Under Existing Interlocal Cooperation Contract

04-0811 Ammendment to Interlocal Agreement for Grayson County

04-1005 Engine Brakes, Jacob Brakes, Jake Brakes

05-1122 National Incident Management Systems (NIMS)

05-2011 Authorizing Joint Election Between City and School

07-1211 Taxation of Goods in Transit

07-511 Electric Franchise Ordinance

07-061107 Prohibiting Potential Pollution Sources

08-6-96 Franchise to GCEC

08-0701 Denying Proposed Change Rates for Oncor Electric

09-0519 Creation of Volunteer Fire Department

1 Establishing a Corporation Court

2 Peddler on the Premise of Another

3 Peddler, Solicitor Merchants Interefering with persons in Public

5 Sleeping in Public Places or Vacant Buildings

8 Discharging Guns in City Limits

9 Discharging Guns in City Limits without consent of City Council

10 Creation of Police Reserve Force

12 Designated Height for Tall Grass and Weeds

13 Garbage and Brush

14 Fireworks

15 Illegal Dumping

1 Sec 29 Riding in Portion of a Vehicle not intended for passengers

2 Sec 29 Riding Mortorcycles

3 Sec 29 Operation of Motorcycle or Bike

4 Sec 29 Clothing and Helmet Requirements of Motorcycle Riders

5 Sec 29 Boarding or Alighting from Moving Vehicles

6 Sec 29 Clinging to Moving Vehicles

7 Sec 29 Roller Skates

8 Sec 29 Removing or Damaging Traffic Barriers

9 Sec 29 Stop Intersections and Through Streets

10 Sec 29 Yield Right of Way Signs

11 Sec 29 Limitations on Backing

12 Sec 29 Meeting or Overtaking Stopped School Bus

13 Sec 29 Obstructing Traffic Generally

14 Sec 29 Funeral Processions

15 Sec 29 Driving on Sidewalks

16 Sec 29 Driving in Parks or Public Property

17 Sec 29 Certain Areas Where Driving is Prohibited

18 Sec 29 Prohibited Areas for Parking a Vehicle

19 Sec 29 Ten Feet of Roadway to be Left Available for Traffic

20 Sec 29 Marking of Parking Stalls and Areas

21 Sec 29 Parking in Prohibited Areas, Overnight Parking

22 Sec 29 Parallel and Angle Parking

23 Sec 29 Parking or Standing in Alleys

24 Sec 29 Obstructing Fire Dept Personnel and Equipment

31 Sec 29 Abandoned Inoperable, Unregistered or Uninspected Vehicles

32 Sec 29 Wrecking Salvage or Junk Yard in City Limits

33 Sec 29 Vehicle Weight Limits

51 Swine in City Limits

97-106 Cemeteries

97-1104-A Tax and Revenue Cert of Obligation

97-1104-B Tax and Revenue Cert of Obligation

97-112 Fixing Rates, Approving Transition to Competition Plan

98-0106 Retail Base Rate Reductions

99-0907A Municipal Court Building Security Fund

99-0997B Municipal Court Technology Fund

102 Maximum Speed on Highways and Certain Streets

103 Violation of Maximum Speeds on Roadways

103A Maximum, Reasonable and Prudent Rates of Speed

103B Maximum, Reasonable and Prudent Rates of Speed

104 Billiard Parlors and Amusement Centers

106 Drinking Alcohol in Public Places

107 Vaccinating Dogs and Cats, Dogs and Large, Livestock Regulations

110-A Denying Filing by TNMP as Community Choice

200 Building Code

201 Housing Code

100714P Plumbing

203 Prohibiting Septic Tanks and Private Sewers

204 Industrial Waste

205 Fair Housing

207 Food Service and Retail Store Sanitation

208 Aide in Safety and Welfare of People and Property

300-A Solid Waste Disposal in City Limits

501-B Lone Star Gas

2002-1203 Oncor Electric Power Franchise

2010-001 New Rates for Atmos Energy Corp

2010-002 Annual Budget for 2010-2011

2010-003 Property Tax Revenue 2010-2011

2010-004 Levying Property Taxes 2010 - 2011 Fiscal Year

2011-002 Fiscal Year 2011-2012 Budget

2011-003 Property Tax Revenue 2011-2012

2011-004 Levying Property Taxes 2011-2012 Fiscal Year

2011-0101 Regulation of Sex Offenders

2011-0102 Illegal Smoking Products and Ingestion Devices

2011-0104 Deny Proposed Change in Rates of Oncore Electric

2011-106 Garage and Yard Sales

2011-107 Private Signs

2012-002 Adopting the Annual Budget 2012-2013

2012-003 Ratifying 2012-2013 Tax Revenue

030413 City Pride Sign Agreement

0513 Public Funds Investment Policy

121911 Tax Tangible Personal Property in Transit

38491 Oncor Revise Meter Related Discretionary Charges

PP-001 Defining Work Standards

050714 Establishing a Police Department

14-0401 Maintenance of Buildings

0514 Public Funds Investment Policy

2014-002 Budget 2014-2015

2014-003 Property Tax Revenue 2014-2015

2014-004 Property Taxes 2014-2015

100714G International Fuel Gas Code 2012

100714R International Residentail Code 2012

100714E Electrical Code 2011

100714SS International Swimming Pool and Spa Code

04-01-15 Parking of Recreation Vehicles

04-02-15 Requirements for E911 Addressing

06-12-1 Ammendment Tall Grass and Weeds Nusiances

107-1A Ammendment Dogs and Cats

2015-001 Annual Budget 2015-2016

2015-002 Property Tax Increase 2015 - 2016

2015-003 Property Tax Revenue 2015 - 2016

06-29-15 Regarding Utility Drainage Easements

020216 Food Establishment Ordinance

012216 Discharge of Fats

Resolution 050516 Property delinquent date

0516 Public Funds Investment policy

2016-0906 25 MPH Speed Limit on Residental Streets

2016-009 Water and Sewer

090616 International property Maintenance Code Adoption 2012

2016-001 Annual Budget 2016-2017

2016-002 Property Tax Revenue 2016-2017

2016-003 Levying Property Taxes 2016-2017

Resolution 1000416 Vehicle Financing

0717-1 Adding Zoning and Distance Regulations

0717-2 Annual Alcohol Permit and License

0717-3 Regulating Posession of Alcohol

2017-001 2017 Budget

2017-003 Property Tax

010918 Outdoor Burning

020618 Position of City Administrator

020618A Weeds, Rubbish and Brush

030618 Identifying Duties

030618A Adopting Rules to Govern Procedures

030618B Designation of the Whitewright Sun

03062018C Regulation and Preservation of the City Parks

04032018 Adopting a City Handbook

04032018A Adopting a Fee Schedule

06052018 Bulk Water Rates

R04032018 Procuring Police Equipment

R04032018A Apointing City Attorney

R06052018 Authorizing Collection Fee