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Originally called Duganville after the first settler - Daniel Dugan who came to the area in 1835. In 1871 it had enough people to warrant a name and Duganville was selected. The name was changed in 1879 for reasons not clear.

Bells was connected to the outside world by two railroad connections in the 1870s - the Texas and Pacific running East to West and the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railroad which was the first to enter Texas from outside the state.

By 1900, Bells had a healthy population of 400 and a weekly newspaper, plus the usual assortment of business like hotels, grocers and blacksmiths. Prior to the Great Depression, Bells hit the 600 population mark before entering the period of decline felt by most Texas towns.

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Bells Church Cemetery
Virginia Point Methodist Church Cemetery - NE of Bells

Photo by Barclay Gibson